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Maastricht Neercanne (NL) find locations

At Maastricht Cannerberg, (Cannerberg in Wikipedia), see image above, not far from the Belgium border, an early Neolithic Linear Bandkeramik  - site has been excavated in 2013. The analysis and research on all finds, like pottery sherds are still ongoing (2015), see for updates
In 2008 and 2009 nearby locations have been surface - prospected by the author.
Theartefacts, found at these locations  belong to a possible Late -Mesolithic - early Neolithic period. Like at other LBK sites in Hesbaye (Belgium) Mesolithic finds occur at adjacent locations.
The investigated fields are located in the north ern part of the area  ( north- east of the "Milleniumbos" and have been labeled NC1, NC2 , NCQ and NCW 1/ NCW2. They cover a part of the Pleistocene  plateau of the Jeker adjacent to and north of the Cannerberg.

NC1 : A loess context, all artefacts are from the loess cover above the gravels. Only where the gravels are dominating by plowing activities, some white patinated artefacts have been found.
NC2; Loess cover, but parially eroding, at this field a small elevation where artefacts appeared at the eroded surface, some gravles visible.
NCQ: many gravels visible, loess cover thin

Drawings of artefacts from NC2  below by the author, 2009.

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 1. Numbers: 1. Square flat flint, honey colored semi translucent, this artefact is not prehistoric but a gunflint. 2 Retouched convergent scraper on the distal end of a wide blade. 3 Long blade with double notch . 4. Small blade with single notch. 5. Flake of greenish- grey flint type with very small white inclusions (Liers?) Single sided retouche 6 Retouched flake in  greenish- grey flint type with very small white inclusions (Liers?) 7 Truncated blade with cortex at the far distal point 8. Black flint retouched flake     (images in actual size) 

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 2. Numbers: 8.Retouched  flake of dull black flint type, 9.Truncated blade core, with concave retouched side in black grey flint. 10.Scraper on  broken blade in black flint; 11. Flake with retouched edge in black flint 12 Wide blade (distal part) with retouched edge in black grey flint 13 Large  retouched flake in black flint, with 75 % cortex cover 14. Flake with one retouched edge part with cortex ,ventral view, with cortex at the dorsal side; black flint       (images in actual size)  15. Core in greenish- grey flint type with very small white inclusions (Liers?) (see also 5/6/7); two opposite sides with different retouch, one fine and one course .16 Chunk, possible a discarded core, in black white and grey flint, flaked. 17 Chunk, probably  remains of primary flaking, retouched, in black-grey- white flint.

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 3. Numbers: 1 Truncated blade, Hesbaye flint, (Liers- Tilice) 2. grey flint blade core with notch 3. End scraper on a small bladelet, in grey flint . 4 Convergent black flake  with retouched point, probably a drill or point 5 Triangle shaped blade with retouche and a flaked base, in black grey flint point?    6 Truncated blade core in Wommersom quartzite 7 Distal end of truncated blade, in grey flint  8. Truncated blade, wommersom quartzite. 9 Grey flint flake with at one side an allover surface retouch, the other side all edges are retouched. 10 - 11  and 13 - 15 Truncated blades in Wommersom quartzite  12. Truncate blade in Wommersom quartzite with retouched notch.  16 Medium part of truncated blade in grey flint, no retouch 17 End part of a blade with retouche in grey flint 18 Middle part of truncated blade with retouche, in grey flint. 19 Blade core in black flint with damaged edge (use wear)  19 Retouched broken blade in grey flint 20  Retouched flake in Wommersom quartzite (images in actual size)  

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 4. Numbers:
18 Retouched large scraper in grey flint; 19 Core renewal part  in black flint, with six  blade removals visible 20 Core renewal part with some cortex, in black flint , four blade removals visible  21 Core renewal part, with five blade removals visible; 22 Retouched flake in grey brown flint  23 Large flint side scraper with patinas and course retouch 24. Large retouched flake   (images in actual size)  

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 5 . Numbers: 22. Blade with retouch 23- 25 Truncated blades in grey flint 26 Short flake with notch  27 Bladelet in translucent type flint 28. Point? in black/ white flint type 29 Arrow point in dark grey flint, made in truncated blade technique  30. Small truncated blade, unretouched in grey flint 31. Truncated blade with use wear retouch in grey flint 32 Debris, grey flint 33 Oblique truncated blade in grey flint 34 Retouched flake in grey flint 35 Retouched flake in grey flint, fine retouch type; 36 Large blade in Wommersom quartzite with retouch and previous flake removal 37 Scraper, with retouch in brown black flint 38 Retouched flake in black flint  39 Large flake in grey flint, retouch. (images in actual size)  

Maastricht Neercanne Cannerberg 2, plate 6 . Numbers: 1. Large retouched flake, almost entirely covered with cortex, black flint type 2 Oblique truncated blade part in grey flint 3 Truncated blade in light grey flint 4  Blade core with retouch in black flint 5 a A pebble from the gravels with adapted edge and point, 5b cross section of 5a;  5c  side view of 5a . 6 Blade core with flake removal and cortex, retouched, in grey flint  7. Distal end of blade in grey black flint  8. .    (images in actual size)  

update  03-04 - 2015
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